Welcome to NC Chassis Co

Pricing Subject to Change

Do to the constant fluctuation in raw material cost; our pricing is subject to change without notice on all products. We are experiencing price increases every week with nearly every order that arrives. Please do not hesitate to request a price check when ordering parts. We will be happy to inform you of the current price on any of our products.

NC Tech

Due to our current build schedule and travel to upcoming race events, I will be limited on the amount of time I can spend on the phone. For questions concerning set-up and/or assembly specs, please try to email me at jnervo@ncchassisco.com . I will try to view my emails in the evening or first thing in the morning and respond as quickly as possible.

Since it is easiest to answer some questions over the phone. If you could please leave a number; I will notify you via email, that I will try contacting you at the earliest convenience for further discussion. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to being of assistance.

To Order Parts

Like many companies we have struggled to keep our shelves stocked with product. We encourage everyone to consider what items you damage most commonly and have them in your trailer before they are needed. Examples would be front axles, spindles, and radius rods. When trying to order parts please review the Product section of our website; so, you have a good idea of the item you would like to order and give us a call at 330-798-7744. If you are unable to speak with someone, please email us at orders@ncchassisco.com. Please include the item you are looking for and a good contact number for us to return your call.

Thanks for your patience and we hope to make your racing experience better.

Serial Number Location

Since 1994 our frames have been given a serial number. All models have the serial number stamped onto the brake master cylinder bracket, which is welded to the lower left side of the frame as pictured. The older models may have the number on the outside of the bracket and more recent models will be on the inside of the bracket. The older the chassis the more difficult it will be to identify the number due to traditional wear and typically sand blasting for paint. If this number is provided, we can do a manual check and usually find these serial numbers, which gives us the model and size of the car. This is important in the case of theft or when simply trying to identify a used car for purchase.

Discontinued Product

NC Chassis has been fortunate over the last 35 years to develop a product line that has surpassed most race industry standards of being competitive for an extensive period. With continued development, our current G17 production line is more competitive than ever before. Therefore, to improve the availability of our G17 product line we must reduce the production of the older product.

Some items that will no longer be available for the Classic 1900, Pro 2k, Ultimate 01, Extreme 02, and Kong are as listed: 1900 Narrow front axles, aluminum body work, fiberglass, upholstery, birdcages, and exhaust.

NC Chassis has stopped the production of all Mini-Cup products. Many of these products are difficult to reproduce in low volumes at a cost effective price and we are no longer seeking a new source for production.

We look forward to continued development of the G17 product line and new race industry endeavors. We wish everyone safe travels throughout the season!

The 31" G17: Nothing Will Fit Better!

The current 31" model car has been a great addition to the G17 series! This new size has been developed for the small drivers in the 45-60 lb. range and has been explosive through the last couple seasons. View additional photos of a 31" G17 outfitted with all available upgrades.

NC Chassis Support

Welcome to NC Chassis! We hope that our web-site is informative and helpful to providing you with the necessary information to achieve success this season. One particular section is the Download page. This contains manuals, price lists, and product flyers which you can print out for your convenience. We hope in the near future to have other tools on this page to provide customer assistance. The Product page will also continue to develop with more product pictures and information. Always remember to give us a call at 330-798-7744 for any part orders and additional tech support. Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.


Experience simple speed at an affordable cost. Provide the driver with a car that can embolden their capability to win races. Build a race team around a product capable of winning on all track surfaces and oval configurations. The G17 had an outstanding debut season, winning 44 of 53 features. The G17 is available through two packages: a Kit starting around $4,500.00 and an Assembled w/powder coat starting around $4,700.00. Under the Photo button you can view a G17 model assembled with all available options and on the Download page a two-page PDF flyer is available with more information.

If you are a current G9 model owner there are two update options available: A current G9 chassis can be updated with the G17 modifications for $1,500.00 and/or modified with a new G17 body installed for $2,000.00. G9 modification options can only be completed at the NC Chassis factory. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.


Download our new Master Set-up Sheet to record the proper information at the track and in the shop! This sheet reflects all the information that has been important to discussing and planning for National events with John Nervo and the factory race teams for many years. Use this sheet for not only your personal set-up book; but also when calling into the NC Chassis shop to receive chassis set-up support. Fill out the majority of this sheet and email it to us; so we can make accurate changes pertaining to the performance of your car.