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Douglas Wheels

Item # 21055001-25

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Douglas polished wheels price range between $41.00ea.-$46.00ea. Available in 5" and 6" diameter. A 3" backspace or off-set with 5" wheels and 4" backspace on 6" diameter wheels. Listed below are the wheels we will carry and the corner of the car they are used.

21055001- 5x5(3"B) LF or LR $41.00ea.
21055002- 5x5.5(3"B) LR $41.00ea.
21055025- 5x6(3"B) LR $41.00ea.
21055003- 6x6(4"B) RF $44.00ea.
21055005- 6x8(4"B) RR $46.00ea.